Design, Prepare, Manage

What We Do For You

Headed by experienced chef and restauranteur Sitangsu Chakravarty, Restaurants Etc. provides a variety of services to aide you in your Hospitality and Food & Beverage ventures.

From the initial concept to a sucessful business, Restaurants Etc. offers the very best in:

  • Concept Design
  • Project Execution
  • Resource & Event Management

Sitangsu Chakravarty and Restaurants Etc. have over thirty years experience developing innovative and profitable cuisines and building Food and Beverage enterprizes internationally.

For a more detailed description of the services we provide, visit the Services page. To learn more about our past achievements, visit the Experience page, where you will also find Mr. Chakravarty's curriculum vitae. Visit the Media page to learn about Chef Sitangsu's forthcoming books and watch a video clip from one of his appearances on CNBC.

Sitangsu Chakravarty
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New Delhi 110019, India
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